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Bibi Yungan Educational Centre

Bibi Yungan Flexible Training and Cultural Support Service

Parents, Family and Community supporting Children’s learning.


Bibi Yungan commenced as a flexible cultural support service in 2016. Bibi Yungan is a Djabugay phrase which means “Train up a Child.” and comes from Djabugay elders who attended the Kuranda Seventh Day Adventist church in the 1980’s.  Establishing a culturally appropriate values based family support service has been a vision of the Kuranda Mona Mona Elders, the Kuranda SDA church  members and community parents for many years.

Bibi Yungan is wholly supported by Ngoonbi Community Service Indigenous Corporation, Elders, community leaders and community members.  Bibi Yungan instills values and is culturally designed training to grow strong resilient families who can take their place in their community and the world.

Core Values:

  • Honouring Bulurru who is the provider of all things
  • Empowering and supporting Indigenous families
  • Providing training in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural values
  • Bridging the gap between families and schools
  • Brokering local solutions for better educational outcomes
  • Restoring literacy and numeracy skills for a better future
  • Working in partnership with businesses, educational facilities and agencies in achieving Bama community goals and aspirations.

For more information about the Bibi Yungan Educational Centre

Please contact:

Judi Enoch

Bibi Yungan Co-ordinator

Ngoonbi Office 2

40 Coondoo Street
Kuranda QLD 4881

Telephone: 07 40938 036

Fax: 07 4093 7466


" We are finding that a lot more parents are talking and getting into the school to address issues. Parents are becoming more engaged and interested in their child’s quality of education. "

- Judi Enoch