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Bibi Yungan Programs

Bibi Yungan Great Start to Great Learning

Parents, Family and Community supporting Children’s learning.


The Ngoonbi Bibi Yungan Great Start to Great Learning program is aimed at reengaging children into schooling, improving educational outcomes including reengaging families in cultural training with the goal of improving life long education goals. This includes; Year 12 attainment, improving youth transition into higher and further study or employment and supporting families in providing children with a good start in life through improved early development, care, learning readiness and cultural support.


Bibi Yungan Great Start to Great Learning focuses on the following areas:

  • Providing support to parents and families to engage and participate in formal learning opportunities and to communicate with educational providers
  • Delivering Parent/Carer and community educational sessions and workshops
  • Providing support to, and the engagement of Community Elders in cultural ways of learning
  • Providing flexible training and support services to enhance greater family learning attainment
  • Engaging and retaining Indigenous student access to Year 12 and supporting their transition in leadership development, employment, training and further education
  • Providing Family and Youth opportunities for drug free and holistic development
  • Delivery of a weekly family session to develop family skills and development
  • Supporting Cultural Training Spaces to retain children in successful learning outcomes and ensuring brighter futures
  • Transport assistance to parents and their children.


For more information about the Bibi Yungan Program

Please contact:

  • Judi Enoch

  • Bibi Yungan Co-ordinator

  • Ngoonbi Office 2

  • 40 Coondoo Street

  • Kuranda QLD 4881

  • PO Box 26

  • Kuranda QLD 4881

  • Telephone: 07 40938 036

  • Fax: 07 4093 7466


" We are finding that a lot more parents are talking and getting into the school to address issues. Parents are becoming more engaged and interested in their child’s quality of education. "

- Judi Enoch